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19 Sep 2018
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The Barn Coffee Roasters

Date: 15 Feb 2017

The Barn is one of the leading Specialty Coffee Roasters in Germany. Famously known for their uncompromised approach to quality. In September 2012 they opened their Specialty Coffee Roastery.Their coffee beans are used by many leading coffee shops and home brewers across the globe. Roasting to perfection they only work with highest quality coffee beans, fresh in season. Their vision has been very clear from the start: The Barn focuses on making their coffees better and better. No compromise, no fakery - just great coffee.






The Barn only buys handpicked Arabica coffee beans of Specialty Grading. Preferably from Micro-Farms that operate with a strong focus on detail and a passion to improve their product. They work with specialist partners that stay close to each farm and guide them towards improving farm and processing practice in order to produce higher quality coffee. Their main partner is Nordic Approach. It is important for them to avoid too many merchants between farming and roasting so that a higher value goes back to the farm. This is very beneficial as it gives the farm a sustainable product and an identity to be proud of. 

They choose their beans for quality, cleanliness, sustainability and traceability and buy only fresh, seasonal crop. The Barn believes in a strong connection between farmer, roaster, barista and their customers. They see it as their responsibility to share knowledge about coffee and to stay near people they work with.

 All coffees are scoring 86 points and more; fresh in season and roasted to perfection.




Something more


The Barn also promotes each farm by putting their name on each of their coffee bags. Most organic coffee farms are only looking at one aspect: No chemicals. Which is an important factor, but there are many others: Labor has to be paid well. Water has to be recycled. Pristine forest and wildlife has to be looked after. Most importantly: There is rarely high cup quality in organic coffee. The Barn looks very closely at every farm they work with. In order not to discriminate those who are not certified organic - but do an awesome job - they have decided not to advertise for organic coffees.



Types of coffee offered


Their coffee selection is very focused with a maximum of 8 coffees at a time. Throughout the different seasons they run around 20 main coffees. They also present microlots from new farms or micro regions they are excited about.






As a principle they don’t blend any of their coffees in order to showcase the characteristics of a single coffee and to honor the dedicated farm work. It is important for them to keep all our coffees pure and clean.

Coffees are roasted light so that every cup will be memorable and flavorsome. When they roast, they are not changing the natural taste of each coffee. Depending on origin, processing or varietal the coffees differ in taste or acidity level.

In 2016 The Barn changes their 1955 Probat Roast machine with a new custom-built Probat GN-22 led by their aim to improve and produce better and better coffee.

There is a lot of science but also a lot of tasting and discussing. 



Different roast profiles for filter and espresso coffees


All roasts are light but fully developed. That makes The Barn coffees taste so clean and flavorsome. They develop the espresso coffees a little bit more to make them work perfectly on all types of espresso machines. Their filter coffees are roasted slightly shorter to bring out more delicate flavor notes.




Best time to enjoy your coffee after roasting


To enjoy the flavors and aromas of your coffee for a longer time, The Barn recommends to seal the coffee bag by using the zip so that the coffee won't be exposed to oxygen (which would accelerate aging). All bags come with a one-sided valve so that the coffees can easily de-gas but won’t let any oxygen in. Storing The Barn coffees at room temperature is recommended.




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