DREKKA at Bacchus StrEAT Fest

Date: 24 Sep 2017

Bacchus organizes the first street gourmet fest in Bulgaria – “StrEAT Fest”


30th September | Saturday | 10h to 22h


Drekka will take part in the first street gourmet festival in Bulgaria. One of the reasons behind Drekka’s opening was to present the coffee and tea drinking culture we got into after numerous travels abroad. One of the best places we have ever visited are the street food&drinks bazaars. The atmosphere is breathtaking, you want to taste every dish and take a sip from every drink. We believe that such format is very attractive and casual way to experience new flavors. We will try, along with the rest of the participants, to recreate as close as possible the street bazaar atmosphere you have seen abroad by emphasizing on quality products and caring service.

The location


Bacchus has selected as location the oldest and biggest central bazaars in Sofia – The Women Bazaar. Today, the place attracts a lot of foreigners and young people because of its exotic atmosphere in the city center, the aromas, the places to eat, the hidden little stores and products you can only find there.

The festival zone will be located in a specially dedicated zone in the renovated part of the bazaar where Bacchus will present a selection of restaurants with various national cuisines, Bulgarian boutique wineries, craft beer, bar zone, desserts and of course quality specialty coffee and tea.

Entrance fee

The event will have an entrance fee of 10 BGN for adults where 5 BGN are for consumption and a fee of 5 BGN for kids where the whole amount is for consumption. The payment method will be special festival currency that could be exchanged at several places at the location.


Drekka menu @ StrEAT Fest:

✶ Espresso Blend
✶ Espresso Single origin
✶ Espresso Nekisse, 90+
✶ Kalita Wave Single origin
✶ Kalita Wave Nekisse, 90+
✶ Cappuccino
✶ Latte
✶ Tea teapigs
✶ Tea Paper & Tea
✶ Hot chocolate
✶ Matcha
✶ Matcha latte
✶ Cold Brew
✶ Matchartini
✶ Gin & Coffee
✶ Asana Bourbon


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