About Us


We are Martina and Hristo. A new passion was born after numerous trips throughout the world - finding specialty coffee shops and tasting the best coffee that the local coffee roasters had to offer. Afterwards, we added tea and the culture that goes with it. We started preparing filter coffee at home with Chemex and V60 which made us realize that it is difficult in Bulgaria to find quality, freshly roasted coffee that meets our expectations and requirements. That is why, we began considering the idea of turning our hobby into a business and introducing оne of the best coffee varieties and teas to other connoisseurs in Bulgaria.


And that is how Drekka was born :)


Our aim is to provide specialty coffee, tea and hot chocolate to the fans in Bulgaria.


Our idea is to select the products in the store with attention to detail and always engage with our client’s interests. Actually, in the foundation of our philosophy lays the positive experiencethat comes with drinking high quality products and our desire to convey this experience to our clients.


We will be happy to receive your feedback regarding our shop experience and the products you have tasted.

Contact us on hristo@drekka.bg or martina@drekka.bg.

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