Cabbage Karma

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For cabbage and leafy green dishes

Raw, fried, grilled, baked and fermented – we love cabbage, all kinds! It’s cheap and healthy. But making cabbage dishes that are easy and exciting could prove to be a challenge!
In collaboration with Ditte Ingemann – Danish food reviewer, cookbook writer, blogger and most of all, lover of leafy greens – we have developed this unique blend consisting of coriander seeds infused in orange oil with fennel seeds, sumac, black pepper and lemon thyme.
In Ditte’s own words – “Green leafy vegetables have always been the focal point in my kitchen and I use lots of spices in my recipes – I love warm(ing) spices that can be spicy without being overpowering and mild without being boring. With Cabbage Karma, I have that one go-to spice blend that I can use both in the hot and cold kitchen, and it tastes great with all types of cabbage, from pointed white cabbage and broccoli to cauliflower and kale.
Organic spice blend

Ingredients: Coriander *, fennel *, sumac *, garlic powder *, black pepper *, lemon thyme *, orange peel oil*, salt (0.45%)* = Organic

Net weight: 50 g

Storage: In a dark, dry and airtight space

DK-ØKO-100 EU / Non-EU Agriculture

Съставки: фенел, сумак, чесън на прах, черен пипер, лимонена мащерка

Съхранявайте на сухо и тъмно място.

Разфасовка: 50 г

About Mill&MOrtar

Mill&Mortar aims to tell the diverse stories of the world of spices. They want to provoke people to prepare their own food with quality products. They choose their spices according to the 'Product of Origin' principle, which means:

- Spices from this year's harvest that look, smell and taste as they did when they were harvested.

- Spices with origin. They know when and where they were grown and harvested. They also know that the way they are raised does not harm people, animals or ecosystems.

- Unique products that tell the story of the people who worked for that product.

Mill&Mortar works with spices from all over the world. They offer the best quality products that are organic, fair trade, clean label, hand picked, hand sorted and hand packed.