Cake Factor

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Mill & Mortar's magical dessert spice blend in collaboration with Ditte Julie.

Cake blogger and cookbook writer Ditte Julie of Danish television series ‘Den store Bagedyst’ fame, in collaboration with Mill&Mortar, has developed an organic spice blend for cakes and desserts with fruit and berries. Last spring, Ditte Julie addressed us with an idea of ​​a spice mixture that would work wonders in the sweet kitchen. Her motivation came from the desire for that little extra touch that spices add to desserts. She was also “tired of the numerous small spice packets, long cumbersome recipes with little of this spice and little of the other. I simply missed the one go-to mix which fit in the sweet kitchen in general – especially for fruit and berries.”
CAKE FACTOR has a well-balanced flavour of allspice, powdered nutmeg, star anise, real Sri Lanka cinnamon with hints of clove and ginger.
Besides imparting a sophisticated edge to fresh berries and fruits in cakes and desserts, Ditte Julie has successfully used CAKE FACTOR in Danish cream balls (chocolate-coated marshmallow treats) and cream cakes, in crumpets and cream, for preserved fruits and jams and much more …
Your best friend during the holiday season, CAKE FACTOR is ideal for adding that special ‘Christmas spice’ to cakes and other desserts.
Organic spice blend
Ingredients: Sri Lanka cinnamon *, star anise *, allspice *, ginger *, clove *, nutmeg** = Organic

Storage: In a dark, dry and airtight space.

Net weight: 50g

DK-ØKO-100 – EU/Non-EU Agriculture

Съставки: канела от Шри Ланка, анасон, бахар, джинджифил, карамфил, индийско орехче

Съхранявайте на сухо и тъмно място.

Разфасовка: 50 г

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