Familia Jimenez, Guatemala

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Cocoa. Papaya. Marshmallow.










Pascual Jimenez


Pascual Jimenez is a second-generation coffee producer with a long family history in Buena Vista. Pascual is a Mayan chief of a special committee of local Mayan people in his village. He is well known by the residents and respected for his wisdom. Today, Pascual farms Finca Familia Jimenez with his sons and his daughter-in-law. Pascual was the first coffee farmer in San Pedro Necta to work with Rosma Coffeelands and begin exporting his coffee through them.

Hand picked, drum pulper, dry fermentation, 40 hours in tank, washed in grading channel, dried on patio 8-10 days. For the first 2 days, parchment is laid in a very thin layer and raked frequently to ensure even drying. After the 2nd day, they begin thickening that layers of parchment to slow down drying. It takes 8 to 10 days for parchment to dry. Once dry, parchment is placed in jute bags and sent to the processing plant in Huehuetenango to rest ("reposo"). Parchment is rested for approximately 3 months before being prepared for export.

Guatemalan coffees are absolute killer. Imagine drinking creamy chocolate milk with papaya and vanilla flavoured marshmallows. Great coffee for the colder weather to come. Also great in warm weather. Need a people pleasing coffee? We got you!

ABOUT Tane Coffee

Tane are a specialty coffee roastery based in Leuven, Belgium. Their aim is to provide you with incredible, traceable single origin coffees. They roast their amazing coffee to create one optimized profile, one great experience for both espresso and filter. Their beans are packed in sturdy 100% recycled PETpackers and certified home-compostable refills to reduce-single use plastics!
Tane are cooperative company by design. This means that the legal structure of our company is a CV(BA) after Belgian law. They invite those who share the same values and passion for coffee to join and invest in their cooperative. Together they learn from one another and form strong bonds.

With Drekka, we embark on the adventure of roasting specialty coffee with a lot of enthusiasm and desire. As always, we will be uncompromising with selection and quality. #88pointsandabove

Taf Coffee, Athens, is the constant roster we have been working with for over five years. They are always present in our selection.

Every month we present one or more guest roasters because we believe that one should constantly try new coffees and roasting profiles from the best roasters in Europe.