Black tea Golden Earl

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Pack Caddy | 60 g for 30 cups

A fine Earl Grey blend of black tea from Yunnan and bergamot

The most famous of aromatized teas was originally concocted as a gift to the second Earl of Grey and has borne his name ever since. A sensuous, citrusy mix of natural bergamot essential oil on Yunnan golden-bud black tea, our Earl reigns supreme.

Origin: Yunan, China

bergamot orange, honey, leather

Black tea, bergamot essential oil


2 tsp / 250 ml


90° C / 195° F

Brew time

1st infusion 3 min. / 2nd infusion 4 min.

Cold Brew Method:
Pour the normal, recommended amount of cold water over the tea of ​​your choice and leave this infusion for 30 minutes at room temperature, or refrigerating overnight.