Green Fennel

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Mild anise-flavoured spice to brighten savoury dishes


Fennel seeds have a light green colour, a mild anise flavour and are seen in a myriad of Mediterranean and Asian dishes. They harmonise well with other spices and herbs, and are especially suitable for salads, light meat (chicken and pork) dishes and fish curries. The sweet and fresh liquorice /anise-like taste also yields well with pickled fruit.

Fennel works wonders with ripe citrus fruits and has a multitude of use in dressings, salads and sauces. The spice plays a significant role in the Chinese five-spice blend along with star anise, Szechuan pepper, cassia cinnamon and clove.

Organic spice
Ingredients: Fennel seeds
Net weight: 40 g
Storage: In a dark, dry and airtight space
DK-ØKO-100 EU / Non-EU Agriculture

Съставки: семена от фенел

Грамаж: 40 г

Да се съхранява на сухо и прохладно място.
DK-ØKO-100 EU / Non-EU Agriculture

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