Salty Pretzel

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A sweet savoury taste sensation! Deliciously creamy oat m!lk chocolate partnered with salty, crunchy pretzels.

  • 41% Single-Origin Colombian Cocoa
  • Deliciously Creamy
  • Vegan Friendly
  • Slave-free
  • Plastic-free packaging

      Colombian Chocolate (raw cane sugar, dried gluten-free oat powder, cocoa mass, cocoa butter, dried rice powder, emulsifier: sunflower lecithin, vanilla extract), Salted Pretzels 9.5% (wheat flour, palm fat, barley malt extract, salt 2.1%, yeast, acidity regulator sodium hydroxide), Sea salt. Contains min. 41% cocoa solids.

      Allergens: wheat, malt. Made on equipment which processes that process milk, soy, eggs, sesame seeds, peanuts and other nuts.

      per 100 g: energy value – 2187 kJ/522kcal, fat – 30.3g, of which saturates – 17.6g, carbohydrates – 58.5g, of which sugar – 36.7g, fibre – 4.6g, protein – 4.3g, salt – 0.73 g.

      Inner foil made of wood pulp and suitable for home compost. The outer carton can be recycled.
      Weight: 70 g

      За H!P

      Inspired by his great-great-great-grandfather John Cadbury, Jack Cadbury launched H!P in early 2021 with the goal of reinventing chocolate by replacing dairy with creamy, plant-based oat milk. In the 19th century, the Cadbury family revolutionized confectionery by making one of the first milk chocolates. Nearly 200 years later, H!P revolutionized the chocolate market by replacing the use of animal products in chocolate with plant-based milk. H!P chocolate was born from the desire to eat quality creamy vegan chocolate. That's why at H!P they use the best quality single-variety Colombian cocoa and combine it with creamy gluten-free oat milk.

      Why oat milk?

      H!P aim to create a product that offers a creamy texture that other dairy alternatives simply cannot provide. Oat milk outperforms other plant-based milks in terms of sustainability, healthiness and, importantly, taste. Oat milk contains no added sugars, while being high in fiber, protein and vitamins such as zinc, vitamin D and magnesium. It is allergen-free, soy-free and gluten-free, therefore appealing to a wider range of consumers, while also being one of the most sustainable choices.


      All H!P products use vegan friendly ingredients.

      H!P products are manufactured on equipment that can process milk, soy, eggs, peanuts, gluten, sesame seeds and other nuts. For more information on allergens, please read the product ingredients on our website.
      H!P oat milk chocolate use gluten-free oats, but some of the flavors use ingredients that contain gluten, so it's always best to check the ingredients of individual flavors.
      All H!P recipes are nut free. However, their factory processes products with nuts, so we cannot guarantee that there are no traces of nuts in the chocolate. Therefore, these products are not suitable for nut allergy sufferers.
      H!P do not use palm oil when making the oat milk chocolate. They supply some supplements outside that contain palm oil, such as the pretzels and cookies in the Salty Pretzel and Cookies No Cream bars. They aim to eliminate the use of palm oil in all their products and are looking for suppliers who can source these ingredients without palm oil. However, the initial quotes are for 5 tonnes, which would be a lot of chocolate bars! This is not currently possible at their stage of development and scale of the business, but they hope as they grow they will be able to make this change very soon!