Ground Turmeric, Sri Lanka

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Warm and vermillion spice

Turmeric has a dense, slightly dusty, warm taste that accompanies its sunset orange hue. As a result, it is used in countless spice mixtures for its colour and ability to bring together spice flavours in a dish.

The turmeric root is the family as ginger and is grown under the same conditions. Before the roots are sown (like potatoes), the soil is solarised by slowly burning coconut shells soaked in water to prevent weeds and pests. At harvest the turmeric root is dug up, rinsed and boiled shortly to stop the growth before it is dried and becomes hard as stone. Before it is machine-cooled, the peel and other impurities are polished and the final result is the beautiful yellow-orange powder.

Turmeric works great in seafood dishes, BBQ rubs and curries with meat, lentils, beans and cabbage. Due to its toughness, dried turmeric root is almost impossible to grind in a normal kitchen; which is why we sell powdered turmeric.
Our turmeric, like our ginger, comes from the Develapola group in Sri Lanka.

Organic spice
Ingredients: Organic ground turmeric
Net weight: 50 g
Storage: In a dark, dry and airtight space
DK-ØKO-100 Sri Lanka Agriculture

Съставки: Куркума на прах, био

Разфасовка: 50 г

Да се съхранява сухо и тъмно място.

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