Black tea blend 'CHOCOLATE CURE'

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Pack Aroma bag | 90 g
A rich organic blend of cocoa bean and Pu-erh tea to indulge and raise our spirits

Both the cocoa bean and Pu-erh tea have been appreciated for centuries by indigenous cultures for their invigorating, positive-mood enhancing, and comforting qualities. We have married the two in a powerful blend, which is also well suited as a digestive after a meal.

dark chocolate, earthy, sweet malt

Chinese Pu-erh tea* (50%), cocoa nibs*, cocoa peel*

*certified organic


2 tsp / 250 ml


90° C

Brew time

1st infusion 2 min.

Just as in jazz, the art of tea blending fuses a wide variety of cultural influences, traditions, and modern interpretations into completely original compositions. The roots of this art lie in China. As early as the Chinese Song Dynasty, ingenious tea masters tried their hand at blends and flavoured varieties. They first used blossoms, and later also essential oils and spices, to refine the teas, or to support certain healing effects. Similar to jazz, tea and with it the art of blending embarked on a geographical and cultural journey around the world. This resulted in famous compositions such as Earl Grey, Genmaicha and Masala Chai. P & T Master Blends stand in this tradition. They are what their name implies: a blend of premium teas and all-natural ingredients created by master artisans. They are inspired by tradition and alongside creative freedom for reinterpretation, just like jazz. They celebrate diversity and tell individual stories.