Prismo AeroPress® Attachment

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The fellow Prismo is a specially designed plugin for Aeroppress, which turns the popular coffeepot into an espresso machine! Have an espresso anywhere you want.

Although Prismo will not replace a dense, double extraction from a professional espresso machine, the results are amazing! The ratio between price-ease of use-result is unrivaled.
Coffee prepared with Prismo is characterized by a dense body and considerable intensity. It looks like coffee made with a coffeepot or a homemade espresso machine. Diluted with a little water becomes yummy Americano.

Compatibility: Prismo is not compatible with the AeroPress® Go or any AeroPress® produced between 2005-2009

Materials: Polypropylene (body), silicone (valve), 150 micron etched fine stainless steel (filter)

Dimensions: 2.75” diameter, 1” tall

AeroPress® Coffee Maker not included

Warning: Please do not brew with Prismo over thin glass vessels. Prismo creates a great deal of pressure, and glass is fragile! When in doubt, use a ceramic or metal vessel.

Brew espresso style shots

The secret weapon for "pulling a shot" without an espresso machine. Prismo's valve creates a build-up of pressure to brew coffee with a consistency closer to espresso than the AeroPress® Coffee Maker on its own.

Reusable Etched Metal Filter

The 150 micron etched fine metal filter stops sludge in its tracks.