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Flowers and orange chocolate is full of life. Juicy cocoa beans combined with fresh orange essential oil make it a life booster. It is topped with a sprinkling of edible dried herb flowers, which add not only a visual experience, but also a delicious taste. In short, this chocolate is blooming like spring itself.

Spring is a celebration of life, nature wakes up after winter sleep and everything comes alive again. The recipe for this chocolate was created in spring, its fresh taste and composition symbolize the rebirth of nature. At the first bite, you will feel the power of the cocoa beans and the energy of the wild orange. These are complemented by the fragrance and protective effects of the meadow flowers that decorate it.

Orange & Blossoms chocolate won a medal in the prestigious International Chocolate Awards chocolate competition in 2018 and 2022, where bean to bar chocolatiers from all over Europe, Africa and the Middle East compete. This orange love took home the winning star in the Great Taste Awards worldwide competition this year.

Gently roasted, ground with granite stones, tempered, packed with love.

Organic cocoa beans, organic dried cane juice, wild orange extract, dried herb flowers

For 100 g
Energy (kJ): 552; Carbohydrates (g): 47.39, of which sugars (g): 30.99; Fat (g): 36.4, of which saturated (g) 22.68; Proteins (g): 7.88; Salt (g) 0.081)

About Ajala

Ajala wants to show you how delicious real chocolate is, prepared only with selected cocoa beans and sugarcane juice. This kind of chocolate, which is not a healthy confection, but a real home of the Gods, full of taste and health of the age-old traditions. Ajala want to create sustainable relationships between them, farmers and people who love chocolate and have a responsible approach to care for the well-being of our planet.

Silvia and Filip from Ajala have dedicated themselves to a very original method of making chocolate. A variety of vegan chocolates are created through gentle roasting and long maturing processes. The lists of ingredients are deliberately kept short: The aromas of the cocoa beans should come into their own.
Ajala? A brand of genuine chocolate made of nothing but premium cocoa beans and panela – sweet sugarcane juice.
The products meet all vegan standards because no milk is used for their production. Such chocolate production is almost an alchemistic process. Selected cocoa beans are roasted at a low temperature and the winnowing method is applied. Then they are ground in a granite mill for 2–3 days and aged so that they can be tempered. All this to make the chocolate taste just perfect.