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The Wine is 60% chocolate from Haitian cacao beans created by their long maceration in delicious natural wine from the Domin&Kušický winery. It smells beautifully of sour cherries, you will find a light touch of alcohol and fresh notes of summer fruit mixed with the taste of sweet cream and milk. Chocolate The wine pleasantly floods you with fruity freshness and the rush of rich flavors ends with a distinctly sweet point.

Gently roasted, ground with granite stones, tempered, packed with love.

Organic cocoa beans, organic dried cane juice, organic cocoa butter, natural wine Domin&Kušický Dominus organic

For 100 g
Energy (kJ): 552; Carbohydrates (g): 47.39, of which sugars (g): 30.99; Fat (g): 36.4, of which saturated (g) 22.68; Proteins (g): 7.88; Salt (g) 0.081)

About Ajala

Ajala wants to show you how delicious real chocolate is, prepared only with selected cocoa beans and sugarcane juice. This kind of chocolate, which is not a healthy confection, but a real home of the Gods, full of taste and health of the age-old traditions. Ajala want to create sustainable relationships between them, farmers and people who love chocolate and have a responsible approach to care for the well-being of our planet.

Ajala whole adventure started when their friend Martin brought chocolate from Guatemala from the indigenous people of Central America. Tasting this Mayan chocolate is a surreal experience for them, where absolute enthusiasm alternated with surprise at the unusual taste. Without much exaggeration, Ajala can say that they had a foresight, because the chocolate tasted completely different from the ones they had bought before. They became more interested in chocolate and found out a lot of interesting things. For example, it is not easy to get honest and real chocolate in Europe. Or that Czechoslovakia was the third largest processor of cocoa beans in the world long time ago. All this inspired the team to establish the AJALA CHOCOLATE.
And what does ajala actually mean? In the Mayan language, it's awakening, and that's exactly what they'd like to convey to you. In order for the first piece to surprise you, it awakened curiosity and the desire to learn more.