The Barn perfectionists

The Barn is one of the leading special coffee bakeries in Germany, known for its uncompromising approach to quality. Their first bakery opened in September 2012 in Berlin, Germany. Their coffee is spread around the world. They only work with perfectly cooked, high-quality coffee beans, fresh according to the season. They strive to produce ever better coffee with great taste qualities.



Coffee supply
The Barn buys only perfectly ripe, hand-rolled brown Arabica beans. The bakery aims to work with micro-farms that grow coffee with great attention to detail and desire to improve their product. They partner with specialists who help improve the farms and farming processes in order to produce high quality coffee. The main partner is Nordic Approach.


The Barn aims to have a minimum number of middlemen from taking coffee to baking as they want greater value than the price to go to the farms. The benefits of this practice allow the cultivation of a sustainable product and an identity that makes different farms proud.
The Barn chooses coffee beans according to their quality, purity, sustainability and traceability of origin; buy only fresh, seasonal crops. The bakery strongly believes in the relationship between the farm, the pie maker, the barrista and the client. So he tries to share his coffee knowledge and stay close to the people he works with.
All varieties that The Barn offers have a score of more than 85 points. 




Special treatment

The Barn appreciates the work of each farm and to promote them adds their names on the coffee packaging.

Most organic farms only follow one thing-don't use chemicals. For the barn, however, are also important: good wages, water purification, environmental protection. Moreover, organic coffee is rarely high quality.

From the barn closely follow the work of each farm. To support those who have not been certified as organic farms, but are working excellently, the bakery is not advertised by the supply of organic coffee.



The Barn selection is very defensive and you can choose between 8 different types of coffee at any time. According to the season, during the year the different varieties they offer are around 20. They also present microts from new farms or micro-regions that they consider intriguing.
The main rule of The Barn is never to mix different varieties. In a way they present the taste characteristics of each variety and honor the dedication of each farm. It is extremely important for them to keep the coffee natural and clean. All varieties are light-baked, which contributes each cup to a complex taste and to bring full enjoyment. The Barn does not change the natural taste of coffee when baking. According to the origin, the manner of processing and the variety of cafes differ in taste and acidity. In order to produce more and better coffee, in 2016 The Barn is changing its bakery wares at 1955 with a new one specially made according to their requirements as a bakery in GN-22.The Barn recognizes that besides the scientific part the baking includes also much discussion and tastings.


Baking for filter and espresso
All The Barn coffees are light-baked with a fully developed taste profile. This makes them extremely pure and rich in different flavors. The espresso varieties are slightly darker baked to be suitable for any kind of espresso machines. The filtrate varieties are roasted a little more light to deploy more of their delicate flavors.


The best time to enjoy your coffee.
It is important to keep your coffee at room temperature and to close the container with the built-in zipper to keep the best of its flavors and aromas. Each pack has a single nozzle that releases carbon dioxide, but does not allow oxygen to enter. 

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