About us

Many trips around the world have provoked a new passion in our home: the search for specialty coffee shops and the testing of the best coffee that local bakeries offer. Then we added the tea and the culture he brings with him. We started to prepare filters at home and we saw that in Bulgaria we could not get quality, fresh roasted coffee that meets our requirements. So we thought about the idea of turning the hobby into work and providing some of the best coffee and tea in the world to viewers like us.
And we created Drekka:

Photo Credit: Asen Emilov

Our goal is to provide special coffee, tea and hot chocolate to lovers in Bulgaria.
It's our idea.the store should be attentive to detail and customer attitude. A positive experience is at the heart of our philosophy.
We'd appreciate your feedback on the store and the products you've tried.
Write to us hristo@drekka.bg or martina@drekka.bg.