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Online shop is owned by "Driver" OOD and is managed by "Driver" OOD in accordance with the provisions of the Personal Data Protection Act and the related legal framework, including but not Regulation (EU) 2016/679 (GDPR).


"Driver" OOD strives online shop to be convenient for shopping and to contain as much information as possible that you might be interested in. We care for its secure use, so that you can rest assured that your personal data and rights are protected.


By carrying out its activities, "Driver" OOD, EIC BG204246827, with its registered office and address: Sophia, str. Mackgahan 71A, process information in the online store, between which and one that represents personal data.


This Privacy Policy is designed to inform you about the way we process your personal data, as well as your rights.


The protection of personal data is extremely important to us. "Driver" OOD does not sell your data to other companies or individuals. If we provide your data to third parties, these are our contractors who process the information on our behalf, following our instructions and applying our data protection standard. We strive to be as clear as possible, specific and transparent information about the processing of your personal data that we provide.



Personal data are any information relating to an identified or identifiable natural person (such as e-mail, names, age, date of birth, telephone, etc.).


"Driver" OOD does not process information about you relating to personal data revealing race or ethnic origin, political opinions, religious or philosophical beliefs or trade union membership and processing of genetic data, biometric data in order to uniquely identify a natural person, health or data concerning the sexual life or sexual orientation of a natural person are a special category of personal data.



"Dreca" Ltd. collects, uses, stores and processes your personal data, which are needed by the Company to deliver the services and goods of our online store. Your data is used to manage your profile on the www.drekka.cbg website and manage your purchases. They can also be used for statistical purposes of the Company, which are related to the improvement of the quality of our services, as well as marketing activities of "Driver" OOD.


Below are examples of the types of personal information that "Driver" OOD can collect as well as the ways in which we can use it. Detailed information on the different types of data collected will be found when using the relevant online store service and providing information to "Dreca" OOD.


When a user visits our online store, we receive information in the form of an information protocol with the following content:

-The website that referred you to us;

-IP address;

-Date and duration of your visit;

-The amount of data transferred;

-Information about the browser and operating system you are using;

-Geo location;



-When creating a profile in the online store, registering our website, buying a product, signing a distance contract-your names; your e-mail address; the address for delivery of your ordered goods; telephone number;

-To manage access and identify your account-e-mail and password;

-Details of payment and protection of your data related to the payment-email address, telephone number, invoice address, delivery address, information related to the method of payment, amount of purchase and frequency of the purchases made;

-For the issue of the invoice and the processing thereof-your names, invoice address, e-mail address, used means of payment, payment amount and product (s), date of purchase;

-Participation in online survey and other marketing activities-various kinds of information, including but not just your name, your postal address, your phone number, your email address, the way you prefer to connect with you and credit card information, your history of purchases and your searches;

-To ensure safety from faulty products and related to goods, advertising and complaints-your name, email address, products purchased; postal address, information about the complaints/complaint and the affected product (s);

-When you share information about products with your family and friends, you send gift products, or you invite someone to join you in our forums/social media, "Driver" OOD can collect the information you provide for these people, such as names, postal addresses, email addresses and phone numbers;



The main activities, objectives and reasons related to the processing of personal data for "Driver" OOD are:

-Management activities of our electronic shop;

-Data for the purpose of the execution of a given order/and from the online store of "Driver" OOD on the basis of the conclusion of a distance contract;

-Accounting and billing of purchases from the online store on the basis of our legal obligation to do so;

-Activities to manage your profile on our website;

-Data related to the management of your access (identification) based on your consent;


The personal information we collect allows us to keep you informed about our latest products and upcoming events. It helps us and improve our services, content and advertising. In case you don't want to appear on our address list, you can check in at any time by updating your preferences in the profile and on the website.


We may periodically use your personal information to send important announcements such as notifications about your purchases and changes to the rules, conditions and our different policies.


We may also use your personal information for internal purposes such as checks, analysis of data and studies for the improvement of the products, services and communication with customers of "Driver" OOD.


If you participate in events, lottery, contest or promotion, it is possible to use the information you provide to administer these programs.


In addition, your data is processed by "Driver" OOD and for the purposes of:

-Identifying anomalies, promotions related to products of "Driver" OOD, based on legitimate interest;

-Inquiries made to us related to products based on your consent;





Cookies (Cookies) are small information files that are stored in your web browser (used language, connection time, visited websites) or hard disk when visiting the site. We can consult them on your last visits to improve and facilitate your search. The paragraphs below have the aim of transparency to give you the necessary and comprehensive information about the cookies that "Dreca" Ltd. uses on its website. We pay attention to the fact that if you share the use of your device with others, it is possible to change the personalized nature of the cookie action.



The online store uses cookies to make your navigation easier.


The following cookies are used:

-Cookies required to function in your search that allow you to use the basic functionalities such as the management of a "shopping basket" and maintain a possible identification throughout the search;

-Customizing Cookies That Enable You To Visit The Web Pages In A Personalized Manner According To Your Previous Visits, Purchases, Etc. Allow you to quickly find the offers that suit you most;

-Advertising cookies that allow you to receive offers from "Driver" OOD at the online store of external partners


You can set up your browser so as not to memorize cookies or delete the saved cookies. If you want to take advantage of these features, please refer to the manufacturer of your web browser.


"Driver" Ltd. is not liable if the Internet browser you use does not support the functions for control of the use, memory loss or delete of saved cookies. In case you ban cookies or memorize cookies already, depending on their type, it is possible to disrupt the operation of the site.



Your access to social networks such as Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, etc., provides for a separate registration and acceptance of the general terms of these sites. "Driver" Ltd. is not responsible for the protection of your personal data in the adoption of these general terms. Please get acquainted in detail with the general terms of these sites.



In certain cases "Driver" OOD can disclose certain personal information to strategic partners-subcontractors who work with us by providing products and services related to the activity of "Driver" OOD or help "Driver" LTD in marketing to customers. Personal information will be shared by us only for the purpose of improving our products, services and advertising; it will not be shared with third parties for their marketing purposes.


For cases where "Dreca" Ltd. shares information about you with third parties-suppliers of "Driver" OOD, the Company has mechanisms to ensure that they provide a level of data protection according to the agreed standard of this. Your data is considered confidential for our partners.


It may be necessary-by law, upon trial, in litigation and/or upon request by public and governmental bodies in or outside your country of residence - "Driver" OOD to disclose your personal information. We may also disclose information about you if we determine that, for the purposes of national security, law enforcement or other problems of public significance, such disclosure is necessary or appropriate.


We may also disclose information about you if we find that such disclosure is reasonably necessary for the application of our terms and conditions, or to protect our activities or consumers. In addition, in the case of a reorganisation, merger or sale, it is possible to transfer any and all collected personal information to the third party concerned.



"Driver" OOD does not transfer your data to third countries outside the EU as a rule.



"Driver" Ltd. takes precautions-including administrative, technical and physical measures-to protect your personal information from loss, theft and abuse, as well as from unauthorized access, disclosure, modification or destruction.


When you post in forums, chat rooms or social networking services, personal information that you share is visible to other users and can be read, collected or used by them. You are responsible for the personal information you choose to provide in these cases.


All employees of "Driver" Ltd. are obliged to protect the confidentiality of your information, as well as to comply with the applicable organizational and technical measures for its protection. Your access to your data is limited to the principle of necessity for carrying out your duties.


For cases where "Dreca" Ltd. shares information about you with third parties-suppliers of "Driver" OOD, the Company has mechanisms to ensure that they provide a level of data protection according to the agreed standard of this.



We will keep your personal information for a period necessary to meet the objectives set out in this Privacy Policy, unless it is required by law to keep it for a longer period. According to the type of data and the purposes for which it is collected, a retention period has been set, with the expiry of which the information is permanently deleted.



If you have provided your personal data to "Driver" OOD, you have the following capabilities at any time:

-check the accuracy, completeness and timeliness of your contact information by logging into your profile on the website of "Driver" OOD;

-right of access to your personal data processed by "Driver" OOD;

-the right to request appropriate rectification, erasure or blocking of your personal data;

-the right to portability of data in a structured, widely used and machine-readable format;

-the right to object at any time against the processing of your personal data where there are legitimate grounds for doing so;

-the right to refuse processing your personal data for the purpose of receiving an electronic newsletter and other marketing communications, etc.;

-right of appeal to the Commission for the protection of personal data, if you believe that your data protection rights are violated. Information on the competent authority: Commission for the protection of personal data, registered office and registered office: gr. Sofia 1592, Bul. ' Professor. Tzvetan Lazarov " No 2, Telephone: 02 915 3 518, Website:


If you want to exercise your rights or express the refusal to receive the electronic newsletter and other marketing communications, you can contact us by sending a message to or by sending a letter to the postal address: 1510 Sofia, ul. Makgahan 71A, for the personal data protection officer.


We can refuse to process requests that are repeated unjustified, require disproportionate technical effort, threaten the confidentiality of other users, requests that are highly impractical or otherwise legally required.


The exercise of your rights when they are not repeated and unfounded is not subject to any charge.



We do not collect personal information from children under the age of 16. If we learn that we have collected personal information from a child under the age of 16, we will take steps to erase the information as soon as possible. If parents and/or legal representatives of children discover that children under their guardianship have given their data to "Driver" OOD, contact us and we will delete the information as soon as possible.



It is possible to update our 'Personal Data Protection Policy' periodically. When this policy changes, a communication will be published on our website, as well as the updated "Privacy Policy".


These conditions shall enter into force on 23.05.2018.

The terms of "PERSONAL DATA PROTECTION POLICY" were updated on 23.05.2018.



If you wish to contact us on issues related to the current policy or protection of personal data in "Driver" OOD, please contact us in one of the following ways: e-mail address:; postal address: 1000 Sofia, str. William Glaston 60, for the personal data protection officer;