Dancing Goats

Cold brew coffee

Pack 2x200ml

Enjoy coffee at its purest form. Cold coffee extraction.
You can drink it neat. With milk. With tonic. With gin & tonic. And more.

Alternative to sparkling and energy drinks. No additives. No added sugar.


Cold brew is a cold extraction of coffee. In addition, dancing goats cold brew has never been heated, because they use the HPP pasteurization method, which preserves the freshness of the coffee for a longer time without having to add preservatives and go through heat treatment. The result is a fresh, invigorating drink with a natural taste and natural sweetness.


Coffee selection

The coffee dancing goats use for the first batches of cold brew is a single variety Hariti from Ethiopia, roasted by Taf Coffee. The reason: incredible sweetness with hints of caramel, cane sugar and chocolate.

Filtered water

The water goes through filtration to be as pure as possible for the extraction process and to ensure consistency of taste with each batch.

Slow extraction

The extraction takes up to 24 hours because the cold water requires longer contact with the coffee.


The finished cold brew coffee is processed by pressure – an innovative cold processing technology in the food industry that removes all pathogens in the products. The result is a safe drink with preserved quality and an extended shelf life. ​HPP requires flexible and waterproof packaging, which necessitates the use of PET bottles. Dancing goats have selected bottles that are recyclable and we ask you to dispose of them separately in the designated places.

Filtered water, specialty coffee

For 100 ml
Energy: 15 KJ / 4 KCAL
Carbohydrates: 0.7 g
of which sugars <0.01 g
Fat <0.01 g
of which saturated <0.05 g
Protein: 0.21 g
Caffeine: 63 mg