Paper & Tea


A set made up a of teapot and five best-selling Master Blend teas

An exquisite collection of herbal tea blends for pleasant moments. The set contains one box with ten single-dose sachets and a convenient teapot (400 ml). Each sachet is perfect for one infusion.
A selection of five caffeine-free herbal blends to support body, mind and health. Herbs, spices and flowers have been used in herbal medicine in many cultures for centuries. Drawing inspiration from different traditions, Paper&Tea concocts a variety of caffeine-free master herbal blends that are both delicious and functional to support your overall sense of well-being.


Cylinder teapot, 400 ml (glass, steel)
2 loose tea bags of the type:
* Unter den Linden
* Sweet Lullaby
* Deep Asana
* Pure Prana
* Cederberg Chai