Specialty coffee El Mirador, Colombia

Specialty coffee El Mirador, Colombia

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Origin: Huila, Colombia
Roast: Filter
Producer: Elkin Vargas
Altitude: 1615 Meters
Varietal: Tabi
Process: Acetic Natural


El Mirador is located in Huila, in the Southern part of Colombia where the Central and Eastern Andes Mountains converge. The farmers around the city of Pitalito are mainly smallholders that have made a strong push to produce specialty coffee that brings out the full character of the region’s terroir.

Our lot has two very special characteristics: It is pure Tabi varietal which was processed using acetic natural techniques. The result is a complex cup with flavours of strawberry stew, dark chocolate, blackberry and rum-raisin. The mouthfeel is creamy and the lingering aftertaste is funky.

The Farm
El Mirador is a 32-hectares farm with a good range of varieties: Catiope, Mokka, Tabi, and Gesha, as well as three different Bourbon strains including Orange, Striped, and Pink Bourbon. Caturra is a core variety for the farm as well, making it a staple for volume lots.

Elkin Guzman has been surrounded by coffee since he was born. His family has always been involved in coffee cultivation, trading, or retail. All of this research and experience has brought Elkin to utilize multiple processing techniques depending on the individual lot of coffee, including Coffee Maceration, Lactic and Acetic Natural processes, and Natural Hydro Honey. 

The Process
For his Tabi lot, the team chose chose Acetic Natural processing. The Acetic Natural process begins by collecting the cherries into tanks with water. The water is oxygenated, encouraging the development of aerobic bacteria like acetobacter for fermentation. The coffee is fermented in this environment for 10–12 days before being moved to shaded, raised patios where it is dried for 25–30 days.

The Varietal
Tabi is a coffee cultivar that was released by Cenicafé in 2002. It was developed by crossing Bourbon, Typica, and Timor coffees, and offers the positive cup characteristics of Bourbon and Typica while having greater resistance to la roya coffee leaf rust. It roasts very evenly and we absolutely love the cup profile of it.

Net weight: 250 g