Specialty coffee Fazenda São Jose, Brazil

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Specialty coffee Fazenda São Jose, Brazil

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Vanilla | Peach | Brazil Nut

Altitude | 950 masl

Process | Natural

Variety | Mundo Novo

After a real clamour to get Brazil back on the menu, we're back with this delicious offering from Perdões. This single origin boasts taste notes of vanilla, peach and the unofficial nut of Brazil.

Fazenda São Jose has been run by the family of the current owner, Marcos Antonio de Freitas, since 1963 when they bought their first hectare and began planting coffee.

Marcos is dedicated to improving quality through experimenting with new technology. His use of organic fertilizer and the solar panels which power much of the farm are a testament to his commitment to sustainability.

A natural cross of Bourbon and Typica, the Mundo Novo variety was first discovered in Mineiros de Tiete, São Paulo in 1943. A distinctly tall plant with a high yield and planting density, the Mundo Novo's wide popularity in Brazil contrasts with its limited use outside the country, with the exception of Peru. We hope you enjoy it as much as we do!


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