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Candied Mint

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Mint leaves crystallised in sugar

We have been using edible flowers and herbs in confectionery, marmalades and desserts for centuries.
Mill & Mortar now reintroduces classic candied flowers. Our French supplier, who has produced this type of product since 1818, is the last of their kind in the Toulouse region. They have perfected the technique for 200 years by harvesting flowers and leaves at the height of bloom and crystallising these with sugar spray. We have selected the best mint leaves we could find and crystallised them; add these for colour and flavour in chocolate, cake and other desserts.
Candied mint

Ingredients: Sugar, mint leaves 2%, E412 (Guar gum), E120; E132 (food colourants), aroma

Storage: In a dark, dry and airtight space.

Net weight: 40 g