Abadatezuka, Руанда

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Грамаж: 250 г

с какво ни впечатли това кафе?

Напоследък кафетата от Руанда са сякаш силно подценявани. На къпинг масата, обаче, по време на blind tasting, това натурално кафе се открои с богато и сочно тяло, и сладък, карамелен послевкус и се превърна в абсолютен фаворит да влезе в предложенията ни.


Strawberries. Praline. Caramel.


1850-2200 м




Western Province


Различни дребни фермери, членове на Aabadatezuka Cooperative




Let me take you to a place where coffee is not just a beverage, but a thrilling adventure—welcome to the Abadatezuka cooperative in Western Rwanda. This plucky group of small-scale farmers isn't just farming coffee; they're crafting an epic story up in the highlands that reach a staggering 2200 meters above sea level. They ship their coffee cherries to the Cyato processing station, nestled comfortably at 1850 meters in the Nayamasheke region, where the magic really happens.

Now, here’s where it gets juicy—since 2017, this station isn’t just processing coffee; it’s a middleman for some seriously unique flavor alchemy. You see, the local honeybees buzzing around the Nyungwe forest, right next to where this coffee grows, are rumored to play a part in giving this coffee its "unique profile." Thanks to these bees' pollinating prowess, coupled with fertile soils (a delightful mix of black humus and sandy earth) and the cool vibes from nearby Lake Kivu, each cup is like a love letter from nature herself.

But wait, there’s a twist! The farmers here are all about keeping it real and clean. No synthetic stuff touches their crops—no artificial fertilizers or pest controls. Just pure, unadulterated coffee goodness.

And the plot thickens with Rwanda's micro-lots, traceable right back to the cooperative and processing station. Selected for their superior cup quality, these batches are the crème de la crème, separated from the larger daily batches that Cyato processes. Our green coffee partner, Cafe Imports, lists these as some of the finest offerings from Rwanda.

Let’s not forget the coffee variety here—a descendant of Typica, born from natural mutations of Typica strains first grown in Yemen and later moved to Île Bourbon (now known as Réunion Island). It’s like sipping on a piece of coffee history. So, buckle up, coffee lovers, because Abadatezuka is serving up a cup that’s truly out of this world!



Кафе: 16 г

Вода: 250 мл / 94 градуса

Екстракция: 3:00 мин.


In: 19 г

Out: 38 г

Екстракция: 25 сек.

Вода: 92 градуса


Впускаме се в приключението "Печене на спешълти кафе" с Roest. Идеята се роди докато търсехме състезателно кафе за Българския Шампионат по Аеропреса и решихме да го изпечем ние. Както винаги, за нас целта е само една: безкомпромисно качество.

Всяко кафе, което предлагаме трябва да е оценено над 88 точки и да ни впечатли на къпинг масата.

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