Batoane de scortisoara, calitate ALBA, Sri Lanka

14.00 лв. Vânzare Salvați

Real cinnamon of finest quality. Delicious and aromatic from cinnamon farmer Ananda

Mill&Mortar have finally managed to get Sri Lankan cinnamon in ALBA quality in sufficient quantity to offer it in a larger scale.
ALBA cinnamon is cut from the thinnest and most aromatic inner bark pieces and rolled into thin bars that can be crumbled between the fingers. The fact that it is organic is the icing on the cake.

Sri Lankan cinnamon has a sweeter and more delicious flavour than the coarse Cassia cinnamon, most commonly seen in the market. All Sri Lanka cinnamon is hand cut, making it more coveted than the industrially processed cassia cinnamon. In addition, cinnamon cutting is not one of the most sought-after trade among spice farmers because it is tough, difficult and far from the highway.
An average cinnamon cutter can cut about 5 cinnamons in a whole day while the best cutters in the Tibbothugoda group can cut around 15 kg. ALBA cinnamon in a day.

Organic spice
Ingredients: Organic whole ALBA cinnamon
Net weight: 45 g
Storage: In a dark, dry and airtight space
DK-ØKO-100 Sri Lanka Agriculture

Съставки: цяла канела ALBA, био
DK-ØKO-100 Sri Lanka Agriculture

Грамаж: 45 г

Да се съхранява на сухо и прохладно място


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