Ciocolata neagra cu tamaie si smirna

12.00 лв. Vânzare Salvați

Seasonal Perfection: dark chocolate mixed tenderly with Myrrh, Rose & Frankincense Oils Nourishes body & soul. 61% dark chocolate.

Zahăr, unt de cacao, masă de cacao, lapte praf (14%), emulgator: lecitină de soia fără OMG, aromă naturală de vanilie, ulei de tămâie (1%), ulei de smirnă (1%)

Cacao: minim 61%

Alergeni: lapte, soia

Energie: 2422 KJ / 579 Kcal; Proteine: 5,4 g; Grăsimi: 41,0 g; Grăsimi saturate: 24,0 g; Carbohidrați: 49,0 g; Zahar: 38,0 g; Sare: 0,0 g

Greutate: 80 g

Chalk Farm, UK

Adam Nathaniel Furman

At the beginning of this year, COCO started to work together with Adam Nathaniel Furman, who designed their contemporary Christmas Collection this year.

Adam Nathaniel Furman is a British artist and designer of Argentine and Japanese heritage based in London. Trained in architecture, Adam's atelier works in spatial design and art of all scales from video and prints to large public artworks, architecturally integrated ornament, as well as products, furniture, interiors, publishing and academia.