Montes Tatama, Colombia

36.00 лв. Vânzare Salvați
Potrivit pentru Филтър
Greutate: 250


Blackberries. Cherry. Nectarine.


Castillo, Caturra






2000 М


Juan Carlos Velez


The farm owned by Juan Carlos Velez is located in the region called Santuario, Risaralda, next to the top of Montes de Tatamá, a word that means the grandfather of the rivers. We visited the farm again this year and the truth is that this place is a true paradise, close to a protected forest reserve of more than 60,000 hectares. The arrival can be difficult due to its high slopes and fractured roads, but it is worth visiting to feel the energy of this farm, located at more than 2,000 meters altitude.

All the workers on this farm are contracted and insured, something that, unfortunately, is not common on a coffee farm. This increases the cost of coffee. The quality/price ratio is higher than what we are used to, but it is the right ratio that should exist in the price of coffee, since getting coffees with more than 86 points for 3 or 3.5 dollars/pound,FOB, is unsustainable for coffee producers. This quality/price ratio is something that here at NOMAD is happily assumed since we have verified that this farm’s workers are protected at work.

Montes Tatamá had the great initiative of hiring the consulting services of Lucía Solis, a girl who comes from the world of wine but has put everything she learned and all her efforts into the world of coffee. Lucía is known for her emphasis on achieving excellent washed coffees with a methodology that can be replicated day after day. During our visit, we were able to verify all of this. All the machinery and the entire area where the coffee is fermented and processed are unpolluted. All fermentation protocols are carried out to the millimeter. All their washed lots are processed with yeast, not only because it’s a process that can be replicated without changes in the flavor profile, but also because it gives truly clean and bright profiles.

After harvest, the cherries from this lot were separated from the less dense ones. The coffee was then pulped and submerged in clean water adding CIMA yeast and microorganisms (similar to a kombucha drink) to control fermentation for 36 hours. Next, the coffee was washed and dried in the sun before finally being dried in Guardiola.


Jordi Mestre, the founder of Nomad Coffee, has spent two years working in the best coffee shops in the city. He decides to put everything he’s learned into practise and set up his own coffee cart, becoming a nomadic barista and serving coffee around some of London’s most legendary markets. Nomad Coffee is born. A year after starting his coffee venture in London, Jordi signed up for Spain’s National Barista Championship, winning first place at the finals in Madrid. One month later, with the support of his mentor, Rob Dune, he reaches 15th place in the World Barista Championship in Vienna. This opens the door to his first job as a roaster in the micro-roastery, Nude Coffee Roasters.
Jordi goes on to win Spain’s National Barista Championship for the second year running and he is sent to Melbourne, Australia to represent his country in the World Barista Championship. He decides to sell his coffee cart in London to transfer his experience to Barcelona.
Nomad opens its doors in Barcelona with its first shop, NOMAD COFFEE LAB, space where coffee is the only thing on the menu, flying the flag for third-wave speciality coffee in the city.
Fran González trains as a barista and that summer joins the team as Nomad’s first employee, eager to learn how to roast coffee alongside Jordi. Today, Fran is a partner in the company and Nomad’s Head of Coffee.


With Drekka, we embark on the adventure of roasting specialty coffee with a lot of enthusiasm and desire. As always, we will be uncompromising with selection and quality. #88pointsandabove

Taf Coffee, Athens, is the permanent roastery we have been working with for over five years. They are always present in our selection.

Every month we present one or more guest roasters because we believe that one should constantly try new coffees and roasting profiles from the best roasters in Europe.