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This is how lemon pepper should taste

Mill&mortar Triple Lemon Pepper has been on our drawing board for an exceedingly long time. Our goal was to create a version of the classic lemon pepper but only with organic ingredients and no E numbers, flavour enhancers and aromas, included in many other lemon pepper mixtures.

Ingrediente: piper negru, lămâie, ardei Szechuan, verbenă cu lămâie

Greutate: 50 g

A se pastra intr-un loc racoros si uscat ferit de lumina directa a soarelui.

What ingredients are in our pepper?

The challenge has been to find the right organic ingredients to give us enough of that natural lemon aroma. As the name indicates there are 3 different citrus elements in the mix:

- M&M fantastic Nepalese Szechuan pepper with strong citrus notes and a bit of heat.

- Dried organic lemon peel and pulp.

This is an upcycled product as we use end pieces and discarded slices from dried lemon slice production. There is a strong pulp content which also gives the pepper mix a lovely acidity. Lemon verbena from our Greek herb producer. Lemon verbena has a fresh green citrus flavour and gives a lovely green touch.

The blend also includes our organic Sri Lankan black pepper, which is grown in the Sri Lankan Forest Garden (Kandyan Forest Garden concept). As with all our Sri Lankan ingredients, we pay a Fair Trade premium for this pepper.

How to use lemon pepper?

Lemon pepper has many uses, try it in pasta, on grilled vegetables, in dressings, marinades and on fish and grilled chicken. It also works on sweet fruits, in pickles and chutneys.


Mill&Mortar aims to tell the diverse stories of the world of spices. They want to provoke people to prepare their own food with quality products. They choose their spices according to the 'Product of Origin' principle, which means:

- Spices from this year's harvest that look, smell and taste as they did when they were harvested.

- Spices with origin. They know when and where they were grown and harvested. They also know that the way they are raised does not harm people, animals or ecosystems.

- Unique products that tell the story of the people who worked for that product.

Mill&Mortar works with spices from all over the world. They offer the best quality products that are organic, fair trade, clean label, hand picked, hand sorted and hand packed.