Chocolate pearls, ruby

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Besides their enticing color, these small pink chocolate pearls have a crunchy core that lends delicious crispiness to your desserts and baked goods.

Ruby is the new chocolate and has a fruity flavor with a hint of acidity. It is made from the cocoa bean Ruby RB1 and is free from fruit flavor or colorants. Use the chocolate pearls as a topping for muffins and cakes or on/in ice cream desserts, creams, and mousses for added texture. Can also be sprinkled on top of cocktails.

Ingredients: Couverture Milk chocolate 84% (sugar, cocoa butter, SKIMMED MILK powder, WHOLE MILK powder, cocoa mass, emulsifier: SOYA Lecithin, acid: citric acid, natural vanilla, flavouring), crisped cereals (WHEAT MALT FLOUR, starch (WHEAT), raising agent: E500ii, salt, cocoa butter, natural vanilla flavouring), glucose syrup, sugar, glazing agent E414. 

Storage: No direct sunlight, dry, and cool 12-20 degrees C.
Net Weight: 45 g

Съставки: Млечна шоколадова кувертюра 84% (захар, какаово масло, обезмаслено мляко на прах, пълномаслено мляко на прах, какаова маса, емулгатор: соев лецитин, лимонена киселина, натурална ванилия, овкусители), хрупкави зърнени храни (пшенично малцово брашно, пшенично нишесте, набухвател: Е500ii, сол, какаово масло, естествен аромат на ванилия), глюкозен сироп, захар, глазиращ агент Е414. Алергени: Виж подчертаните съставки.

Да се съхранява на сухо и прохладно място (12-20 градуса), без пряка слънчева светлина.

Разфасовка: 45 г

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