Our selection of soft drinks is getting bigger and bigger. The latest addition is Community Cola. We started with Minor Figures, then quickly added Dash, Lemonaid & Charitea. Well, of course, we are most proud of our own brand - Dancing Goats.


We complete the range of soft drinks with Community Cola - Original & Sugar Free. Cola with an authentic taste: real cola nuts, vanilla from Mexico, as well as natural extracts of fruits and spices.

Each sale of Community Cola will allocate 10 cents to a local social project in Bulgaria.


Soft drinks with real fairtrade ingredients.

· Made from the best fresh juices

· Lightly sweetened with raw cane sugar

· No preservatives or artificial flavors

· From organic Fairtrade ingredients


Freshly brewed organic iced tea from Fairtrade ingredients

· A naturally refreshing drink made from freshly brewed tea

· The best pure juice

· Without flavor enhancers and preservatives

· Sweetened with organic agave nectar or honey

· From organic Fairtrade ingredients


Minor Figures are completely focused on creating the best oat milk for baristas. After making sure that their product is perfect for this purpose, they also developped drinks with coffee and cocoa, of course, with oat milk.


Dancing Goats cold brew coffee is a product entirely developed and prepared by us. We use ground coffee from Ethiopia, which results in fruity notes with a chocolate aftertaste. A convenient bottle that you can carry anywhere.


Dash is sparkling water infused with fruits and vegetables. They use unsightly fruit that the supermarkets don't want and the producers have to throw away. Dash judge fruits by taste, not appearance, and offer fresh spring, carbonated water with fruity notes.


Комбучите ROY са приготвени от висококачествени био съставки: внимателно подбрани чайове, студено пресовани сокове и цели плодове, сурова кафява захар и комбуча култура (SCOBY).