Original Cola (12x330)

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A cola with an authentic taste: real kola nuts, vanilla from Mexico and natural fruit and spice extracts. Sweetened with fair trade sugar – for a more responsible sourcing approach.
• Every bottle sold supports social & cultural projects in your neighborhood
• Fairtrade certified
• Natural cola flavor with cola nut extract
• Vegan

Carbonated water, cane sugar, colour: sulfite ammonia caramel, phosphoric acid, natural flavourings including caffeine.
Fairtrade sugar: mass balance is used to match Fairtrade sourcing, total 98% (excluding water).

Nutritional values/100ml:
Energy: 166.3 kJ / 39.8 kcal
Carbohydrates: 9.8g, of which sugars: 9.8g

Contains very low amounts of fat, saturated fatty acids, protein and salt.

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About Community Cola

Community Cola is a refreshing drink with a delicious cola taste. A unique recipe made with real fruits and spices. Discover our original recipe, with natural kola nut extracts and fair trade sugar.

One for all! Community Cola is a cola with a social purpose: every bottle sold helps support social and cultural projects in your neighbourhood!

For each bottle of Community Cola sold, we donate a fixed contribution of 5 cents to support social projects in Bulgaria.

Community Cola also supports the families of small producers who cultivate the raw materials. This is why our sugar is Fair Trade – Max Havelaar certified, thus actively contributing to improving their living and working conditions. The recipe is certified vegan and gluten-free.