Cucumber & Mint, organic (12x330)

ROY's summer flavor features a fresh combination of greens that creates the perfect cooler for hot summer days.

Add rum to make a Boochjito (you heard it here first), or just serve over ice.

Certified organic

Vegan, gluten-free, lactose-free

Handcrafted in ROY Berlin-based brewery

85% tea extract* (water, green tea*, black tea*), kombucha culture* (yeast* and bacterial cultures*), raw cane sugar*, 3% cucumber juice*, 1.5% mint juice*, 0.5% lime juice*, carbon dioxide (*from controlled organic cultivation).

Organic certificate: BG-BIO-18

Energy [kJ / kcal] 96 / 23
Fat [g] < 0
of which Saturated [g] < 0
Carbohydrates [g] 4,8
of which Sugars [g] 4,5
Protein [g] < 0
Salt [g] 0,01
Ethanol [g] < 0,5


ROY was founded in 2019 with the aim of creating a new generation of beverages. They brew high-quality, organic kombucha in their Berlin-based brewery following a tried-and-tested 2000 year old tradition. ROY kombuchas are naturally refreshing and energising, made with highest-quality teas and full of organic acids and B vitamins.

The cans are available in the flavours Ginger, Raspberry, Lemon & Pure Prana as well as changing limited editions.

ROY set very high requirements towards the quality and taste of their products and with their Kombucha, they want to initiate a new generation of refreshing beverages: in-house & transparently produced, more diverse in taste, and both better for the consumer and the planet.