Back to Basics: Brew coffee anywhere

Select date 21 February | 5-7 PM

2 hours



23 Marin Drinov St


Max 4 people


Hristo Hristov | Certified SCA trainer

Learn how to prepare a delicious cup of coffee whether you're at home, in the office or traveling. Different filtration methods will help you have the perfect cup of coffee everywhere.

This course is suitable for all beginners in the preparation of filtrations who want to learn more about coffee, its extraction, correct and useful tips.
The course is divided into a theoretical and practical part. In the first part we will tell you about the origin of coffee, what makes a coffee special, methods of preparation. In the second part we will show you how to prepare two filtration methods: V60 and Aeropress, then we will give you the opportunity to hone your own capabilities by preparing each method.


Techniques for brewing V60 and Aeropress

Rules and useful tips

Important parameters: grind size, coffee/water ratio, water temperature, etc.



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