Sparkling water DASH MIX (12x330)

100% natural carbonated water with an intense fruity aroma

• Fresh, spring water from the British Isles.
• Attractive. Delicious. Reduces waste.
• Naturally refreshing, without sugar, artificial flavors and calories.

Carbonated, spring water
Blackcurrant/lemon/raspberry/peach/mango/cucumber/lime extract
Natural flavorings
Citric acid

Dash Water knows that no farmer wants to see their hard work go to waste. But that's exactly what's happening right now, with up to 40% of fruit and vegetables grown in the UK going to waste.

This is a pretty scary statistic for a serious problem that should be at the forefront of our conscious choices regarding what we eat and drink.

At Dash, they judge the content of their drinks solely by the taste of the fruit – their appearance is never the leading factor.

So, although they are pedantic about flavor, they don't care if it's bumpy, crooked, or broken. They want to contribute to reducing food waste, so by saying yes to brewers who others say no to - they're creating drinks that are delicious and, in a small way, helping to raise awareness of the big waste problem