HEY FALAFEL, organic

Weight: 50

The ultimate spice mixture for your homemade falafels – mild, sweet and incredibly tasty.

Homemade falafel

Close your eyes for a moment and imagine… Freshly fried, crispy, crunchy falafels, soft and gently spicy on the inside, served with delicious tahini sauce and fresh vegetables. Yum! Falafel is a Middle Eastern fast food, usually sold in pita bread or a wrap with tahini dressing, fresh salad and
roasted aubergine. A falafel - which is Arabic for ‘little ball’ - is a small, deep-fried chickpea ball. They are extremely popular in North Africa and the Middle East, but have now
become a staple in many other places in the world too.

Freshly fried homemade falafels taste the best (fresher, healthier and tastier). Then you can choose your favourite ingredients and healthy accompaniments. Always make a large portion and freeze some of the chickpea mixture for another day. And remember - falafels can be served in a myriad of different ways. Homemade falafel is perfect for a
vegetarian/vegan or gluten-free meal or as a protein-rich snack.

Spices make all the difference

A falafel consists of crushed chickpeas or fava beans, mixed with spices, herbs and onion, and fried in oil until crispy. The spices - for both the falafels and the sauce - add depth, freshness, strength, heat and character to the dish, which is exactly what you need when cooking something vegetarian.
In Mill&Mortar's Hey Falafel, cumin plays the leading role, but is well supported by cinnamon, sumac, coriander and black pepper. Whole white sesame seeds lend extra crispiness and umami. Like all Mill&Mortar spice mixtures, Hey Falafel contains organic spices with no salt or additives. You can also use Hey Falafel in herb patés, to sprinkle on popcorn or in a
vegetable curry.

Cumin*, white SESAME*, true cinnamon*, sumac*, coriander*, cayenne pepper*, black pepper*,
* = Organic

Store in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight.


Mill&Mortar aims to tell the diverse stories of the world of spices. They want to provoke people to prepare their own food with quality products. They choose their spices according to the 'Product of Origin' principle, which means:

- Spices from this year's harvest that look, smell and taste as they did when they were harvested.

- Spices with origin. They know when and where they were grown and harvested. They also know that the way they are raised does not harm people, animals or ecosystems.

- Unique products that tell the story of the people who worked for that product.

Mill&Mortar work with spices from all over the world. They offer the best quality products that are organic, fair trade, clean label, hand picked, hand sorted and hand packed.