Karl Otto, organic

Weight: 40 g

Porcini spice blend for risottos and sauces

The supply comes from a small Spanish supplier of organic Karl Johan (also known as Porcini) mushrooms that are picked locally.

The Karl Johan is one of our favourite mushrooms because it lends a wonderful taste of soil, autumn and umami. Ideal for risottos, pearl barley dishes and sauces. The Karl Johan mushroom is the obvious star in this exquisite blend, supported by garlic, crushed parsley and petals of blue cornflower. The flowers have been packed in a separate packet to be sprinkled dry on your finished dish. Use approx. 2 tablespoons of KARL OTTO per 100 g risotto rice. Even a single tablespoon (about 10 g) equals approx. 100 grams of fresh Karl Johan mushroom and gives a rich and refined taste to your dishes.

dried Karl Johan mushrooms* , garlic granules* , parsley* , black pepper* , blue cornflower petals* .* = Organic

DK-ØKO-100 EU / Non-EU Agriculture / BG-BIO-18

Storage: In a dark, dry and airtight space