Weight: 25

What should I use it for?

Malabar Green Pepper has a much milder and fresher flavour than black pepper. It is incredibly well suited for salad dressings, crushed and sprinkled over fresh cheeses, vegetable dishes and fish. The whole green peppercorn can conveniently replace pickled peppercorns in an old school pepper steak or pepper sauce. They can be soaked before use so the small berries recover their “fresh” consistency.

Pepper from the world’s spice cradle

Our Malabar Green Pepper is grown in Kerala, India. Kerala is one of the largest spice producing regions in the world and is famous for its production and export of pepper, which is also called the “King of Spices.” Even though other regions have overtaken Kerala as a major producer of pepper, there is a centuries old knowledge of pepper cultivation here. Many of the varieties that are cultivated around the world stem from the Kerala region.

Malabar green pepper, whole

Certified Organic (EU) / BG-BIO-18

Storage: In a dark, dry and airtight space


Mill&Mortar aims to tell the diverse stories of the world of spices. They want to provoke people to prepare their own food with quality products. They choose their spices according to the 'Product of Origin' principle, which means:

- Spices from this year's harvest that look, smell and taste as they did when they were harvested.

- Spices with origin. They know when and where they were grown and harvested. They also know that the way they are raised does not harm people, animals or ecosystems.

- Unique products that tell the story of the people who worked for that product.

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