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What are salted lemons?

Salted lemons are whole lemons that have been infused in brine. The salt gradually softens the lemon peel, dispelling its bitterness and lending it a mild, salty acidic flavour. If you have ever visited Morocco, you will have seen and maybe tasted salted lemons, stored in large jars in restaurants and shops. Sourcing them outside North Africa is a totally different question... Either you need to pickle and store them yourself or hunt them down in some speciality shop. We are now adding Salted Lemon to our range of seasonings. It tastes wonderful, it has a long shelf life and it is far easier to judge how much you need.

The special flavour

Salted Lemon has a concentrated lemon flavour, but without the overwhelming acidity of fresh lemon juice. Whereas the role of lemon in the flavour universe is to lend acidity, Salted Lemon is an amazing, fruit-based source of umami. Just a soupçon of salty lemon lends depth to so many savoury dishes. Just think of the tagines of Moroccan cuisine. We have chosen to dry the salted, organic lemons and granulate them. The gentle drying process retains the beautiful taste and colour, while significantly prolonging the shelf life.

How to use salted lemon?

Salted Lemon lends background flavour to stews and soups. In vinaigrette, mayonnaise, yoghurt-based dressings and hummus, it adds a touch of something special that no one can fail to notice. The star chef Ottolenghi uses it to season everything from wholesome salads containing cereals or beans to eggs, potatoes and baked beetroot.
You can also use our Salted Lemon powder in any drinks and cocktails where salt and lemon are called for - the likes of a Martini, G&T, Bloody Mary or Tequila.

Ingredients: lemon, salt

Certified Organic (EU) / BG-BIO-18

Storage: In a dark, dry and airtight space


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