Salade de Fleurs, organic

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SALADE DE FLEURS is an exquisite mixture of white, cherry-coloured, and blue cornflower petals.

Mill&Mortar's cornflowers are cultivated organically in Albania. They are harvested when the cornflowers are in full bloom and the colours are deep and saturated. They are cleaned carefully before drying, and the fringed, frilly petals are separated from the head. At Mill & Mortar we mix our own Salade de Fleurs to give you a unique range of colours and the most beautiful petals.

How can you use Salade de Fleurs?

Salade de Fleurs is mainly used for garnishing sweet dishes, but can also be used for savoury dishes and in cocktails.

Sweet dishes:
Use the beautiful petals to sprinkle on, or garnish cakes, filled chocolates, ice cream, chocolate-covered marshmallows etc. The sky’s the limit...

Savoury dishes:
Try a colourful sprinkle of these cute flowers on your salad for an inviting, aesthetic look. We also eat with our eyes!

In cocktails:
Use Salade de Fleurs as a garnish in your cocktails. Add a few dark petals to your G&T, perhaps with a sprig of fresh rosemary or a slice of orange. You can also freeze Salade de Fleurs in ice cubes and use them in cocktails and mocktails for adults and children. It’s fun!

Made by Maja Vase - Cake artist and Cookbook author 💜🩷

Corn flower petals* (Edible)
* = Organic


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- Spices from this year's harvest that look, smell and taste as they did when they were harvested.

- Spices with origin. They know when and where they were grown and harvested. They also know that the way they are raised does not harm people, animals or ecosystems.

- Unique products that tell the story of the people who worked for that product.

Mill&Mortar work with spices from all over the world. They offer the best quality products that are organic, fair trade, clean label, hand picked, hand sorted and hand packed.