Herbal tea Sweet spearmint, limited edition

Pack 10 temples

In need of a breath mint. Don't worry, no one has noticed yet. We got you.

Mint, apple chunks, blackberry leaves, liquorice, star anise, rosehip, cinnamon, natural flavors

Does not contain lactose and gluten; Suitable for vegetarians and vegans. Made in a factory that processes nuts.

What is special about this tea?

"Our tribute to the memory of a mint cake with a big hole. A balance of tender mint leaves with the natural sweetness of apple and licorice, this tea is a must for mint lovers and the perfect sweet treat (no sugar!) after dinner.


1 temple/250 ml


100 degrees


3+ minutes

about teapigs

Nick and Louise started teapigs in 2006 with one aim - to get the English people drinking real tea again. They meet while working for a large tea company where they learn all about tea and drink a lot of it. And the more they learned, and the more they drank, the more they realized something important: that there is a vast world of quality teas that don't get the attention they deserve. And so the idea of teapigs was born. By quality, real tea, teapigs mean whole leaves, whole fruits, whole spices and whole flowers. Without the powdered ingredients found in most tea bags. It's all in the taste. The tea in most bags is crushed and made so that by the time it reaches the cup, almost all the flavor is gone. Teapigs deny this approach. The whole leaves, fruits, herbs, flowers and spices in teapigs teas are carefully and lovingly prepared to maintain every drop of that precious flavor.



Made from cornstarch and paper. Decomposes in industrial compost in up to 12 weeks.


It looks like nylon but is actually made of wood pulp. Suitable for home compost.


It looks like nylon but is actually made of wood pulp. Suitable for home compost.