Vanilla pod, organic

Weight 4 g

After several years of crazy high prices and wildly fluctuating quality, Mill&Mortar now have the delicious organic vanilla pods from Uganda back in stock.
The prices are still high, but because they buy directly from their business partner in Uganda, they can do it at a reasonable price, and what is even more critical – is the excellent quality for which Mill&Mortar are known!
The species is Vanilla Planifolia, also called Bourbon vanilla. The vanilla pods are grown by the small farmers in the area around our own vanilla project White Nile (from which we expect profits in 2023). There is control over the origin, and the pods have been allowed to fully mature on the vine so that the vanilla notes get the best conditions to develop.

Mill&Mortar have sorted the rods by weight and can offer products in several weight classes. There is vanilla in the following weight classes: Single pods: 3g, 4g, 5g. Multiple pods: 10 g.

You can buy large quantities and add a few drops of cognac or vodka to the bottom of the vanilla glass, so the bar does not dry out. And feel free to put the scraped vanilla pod in a glass with sugar and make your homemade vanilla sugar.

100% organic vanilla bean

DK-ÖKO-100 EU/Uganda Agriculture / BG-BIO-18

Store: Dark, dry and airtight