How did teapigs remove unnecessary plastic packaging?


teapigs pride themselves on their plastic-free and completely biodegradable tea bags, but so far they have reached the consumer in a plastic packaging to preserve their freshness. This is a problem that has never given peace to teapigs, as the freshness of tea is a key moment. Fortunately, however, there is an alternative to nylon and plastic!
Until 6 months ago teapigs used polypropylene for tea packaging. But the team is convinced that a greener option can be found, and is conducting tireless research in search of an alternative. And whoever seeks finds – the solution takes the form ofNatureflex– wood material that is completely biodegradable even at home. Futamura scientists have found no way to use a renewed resource like wood for air-resistant packaging. Thus, the transparent packaging in which we receive tea bags of Teapigs biodegradable tea retains its freshness completely, but is already biodegradable!

From here on, all Teapigs teas are packaged with natureflex material and are now available on the market. The difference is difficult to notice with the naked eye, but the change and effect on the environment are key! Natureflex retains its shape when crinkling, not unfolds again as nylon, and after a few creases begins to acquire a yellowish tint. Until you come across such a package, please recycle the nylon as before. And thanks to this change teapigs are the first producer of tea, awarded with dignity thePlastic-FreeTrustMarkby APlasticPlanet.

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