Kokteyli s gazirana voda

Dash Cocktails

"Sun is shining, weather is sweet..." Bob Marley sang, and with the sunny weather comes the time for the fresh cocktails. As we have said many times, they are our weakness and that is why we want to share a few cocktail recipes with the fresh carbonated waters DASH.



A true classic over 140 years old, first mentioned by the father of American Bartending in 1876, and now even more refreshing with DASH Lemon for a final. Recipe:
Cup : Highball
Ice: Cubes (top)
50 ml London Dry Gin
25 ml fresh lemon
15 ml simple syrup ( 1:1 sugar-water )
All ingredients mix well in an ice shaker and pour into the glass. You supplement with DASH Lemon.
For the finish, add a slice of lemon and a drop of Angostura Bitters, humming Don't Worry Be Happy on Bobby McFerrin.
Kokteil s gazirana voda


raspberry mojito  
The traditional Cuban cocktail, which we taste at least once every summer, but in the British style:
Cup : Highball
Ice: Crushed (top)
50 ml London Dry Gin/White Rum
10 ml Sugar syrup
25 ml Lime fresh
Crush fresh mint leaves and raspberries. We complement with DASH Raspberry.
Garnish with fresh mint leaves and the music of Buena Vista Social Club.



Cheers, experiment boldly and share your cocktails! #drinkexperience

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