Aeropress - Method of preparation



Paper filter
Funnel Aeropress
Stirring tool (stirrer)
Cup (or other container)
Timer (you can use your phone)
Coffee maker


Coffee: 15 g
Water: 200 g (80°С)


Cooking time: 2:00 minutes


  1. Put the paper filter in the detachable, plastic cap and pour it with water (with this action you will wash off a possible, papery taste).
  2. Assemble the cylinder and plunger and place the press on the balance, with the open end upwards. Tartare!
  3. Grind and pour the coffee into the press (medium grinding).
  4. Pour for 30 seconds with 50 g of water and shake the press well or mix the coffee with a whisk for 15 seconds.
  5. Pour the remaining amount of water for 15 seconds
  6. Close with the filter cap (make sure it is tightly closed). Turn the press over a glass or other serving dish (it is good to be a thick-walled container with a wide base).
  7. Press the press plunger for 60 seconds. The resistance you need to feel is about 13 kilograms (if the pressure is felt too easily, the largeness of the coffee is very large, if the feeling of resistance is large, then the large grinding is too small).
  8. Once you have finished extraction, open the cap and press the inside, discard the residual coff ee and filter.
  9. Share the delicious experience!

It's easy, isn't it?


  • We recommend trying the coffee without using other ingredients to enjoy natural flavors and flavors.
  • If the taste of the finished coffee is very intense, you can pour additional water into the already brewed coffee about 20-50 g.
  • Do not use boiling water for preparation. Temper it or leave to cool for a minute.
  • Do not be afraid to experiment with the recipe and the method of preparation.

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