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TAF Coffee have been our partners since the creation of Drekka and have been helping us to provide exclusive coffees on the Bulgarian market for over three years. We trust them because we know the process they follow - from choosing the farms to work with to the precision with which they believe every cup of coffee should be prepared.

Over 10 years ago, TAF Coffee created their philosophy around high quality (emergency) coffee. In 2006, they explored the coffee culture in Greece and set up a new bakery to bake coffee. The goal of TAF Coffee is to always keep up with the new developments in the coffee culture and to share their knowledge of high-quality coffee. Achieving this goal starts from the first unit of the coffee chain - the seeds and ends with the preparation of the cup of coffee.

TAF Coffee provides transparency at all initial stages, from exploration and demand to the discovery of exclusive, exotic coffees. One of the main and most important things is the direct connection with farms and coffee growers, who adopt the direct model of quality control from plantations to the processing and storage of coffee beans.

Their vision is to be a leading company in the world of coffee specialty in Greece, offering attitude and quality to the people who work for them, their customers and partners.



Their mission is to import high quality green coffee through intensive research. Creating and offering unique taste profiles for Greek and European markets. All this happens thanks to their years of experience in the field, continuing to exceed the expectations of their customers.
10 + 1 reasons why you should try TAF Coffee:

  • They always manage to get the best quality coffee beans.
  • They work for and with world-famous and distinguished coffee farms.
  • They have built trust in their relationship with coffee growers and buy directly from them.
  • Their partners (farmers) respect natural resources and implement sustainable practices.
  • They thank the local communities – farmers and all workers related to the cultivation and processing of coffee.
  • They apply constant quality control and are sure of the transparency and traceability of coffee from the farm to the cup!
  • They take coffee as an experience, not a daily habit!
  • Skillfully bake their coffee in "TAFRoastery".
  • Always serve (recommend to serve) fresh coffee, ground immediately before consumption!
  • Train/train baristas so they can highlight the characteristics of each coffee!
  • +
  • They offer unique coffee every day!
... And we at DREKKA, in turn, try to pass on all these values to TAF customers in Bulgaria.

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