Kalita Wave Drift-Method of preparation


Kalita Wave drift #155 or #185
Scale of:
Timer (you can use your phone app)
Coffee grinder



250 ml water at 95°C
Preparation time: 2:30 minutes


1. Mix the coffee medium-finely (between espresso and filter)
Kalita Wave Drift-Method of preparationKalita Wave Drift-Method of preparation


2. Rinse the filter with warm water before adding the coffee to avoid paper flavor in the extract. Pour the water.


Kalita Wave Drift-Method of preparation


3. Place the rapper with the wet filter and extract the extract on the balance and pour the coffee evenly. Tarify, so you can keep track of the amount of water you add.


Kalita Wave Drift-Method of preparation


4. Start the timer.
5. Pour 50 grams of water on the coffee, making sure there's no instant coffee left.


Kalita Wave Drift-Method of preparation


6. Wait 30 seconds to release the carbon dioxide contained in the freshly baked coffee.
7. Add another 50 grams of water by distributing evenly over the entire surface of the coffee-with circular motions from the center to the filter walls.
8. 01:30 min: add another 50 grams
9. 02:00 min: pour the last 100 grams



11. Enjoy the delicious cup of coffee.

Kalita Wave Drift-Method of preparation


  • If your coffee tastes bitter, try to make it a little bigger next time.

  • If the acidity of your coffee is too high, try to grind it more finely next time.

  • Remember that after the start of the preparation, you should not let the coffee dry! Always add new water before the old one runs out.

  • Avoid touching the filter walls with the stream of water.

  • Don't hesitate to experiment to get the perfect cup of coffee for you!

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