Karl Otto-risotto, which you always dreamed of making

Karl Otto -for risotto, sauces and pasta dishes

Boletus edulis is considered to be the king of edible mushrooms. The taste is soft and edible, and it is further enhanced when the sponge is dried. The Bio manatars are the star of this mix, which includes dried parsley and garlic. Also included edible flowers that you can sprinkle on the ready dish.

Risotto with Karl Otto (4 servings)

Serve as appetizer or as a main course.

The recipe is for classic risotto, but you can replace rice with wheat or barley-just adjust the cooking time. You can refresh the risotto with vegetables, such as fresh asparagus, peas, spinach and kale.


Required products

50 years oil/olive oil

1 onion, sliced or peeled

200 years rice for risotto (Arborio)

2 tablespoons Karl Otto

250 ml. white wine

1 l broth, for example chicken

75 g. parmesan

Fresh ground Pepper and Salt Of taste.


Method of preparation

Lightly fry the onions until it melts. Add a Karl Otto and rice and stew until the rice becomes transparent. Add the white wine and wait until it evaporites on a not very strong fire. Add 1 cup of broth, wait to evaporate and repeat until the soup is over. When the risotto becomes soft and creamy (not too hard), add salt and pepper to taste. Finally add the grated parmesan, mix well and leave it for a minute before serving.

You can decorate with a little grated lemon peel or edible flowers. Serve with fresh green salad.

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