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Making Japanese matcha tea is part of a complex ceremony involving choreography and countless dishes and gadgets and dates back to the 12th century. These days, however, modern match fans have made the process much easier. Make matcha a part of your daily ritual of peace and health with these simple steps for making matcha tea.

Step 1

with a bamboo spoon, measure 2 doses of matcha in calico.

Cooking matches

Step 2

Sift the uterus into a bowl, as with flour, and make sure there are no lumps.

Cooking matches

Step 3

Add 60 ml of warm water. We recommend filtered water for the purest and brightest notes in aroma and taste. Experiments with temperature are welcome: with warmer water, about 70 degrees, you will get mats with a sweeter and milder taste, and with warmer water, about 80 degrees, the mats will have a richer and richer taste.

Cooking matches

Step 4

Using a bamboo stirrer, stir vigorously, but not in a circular motion, but following the shape of the letter-M.

Cooking matches


In about 15 seconds, you will receive this much-appreciated jade-green drink.

Cooking matches

Tip: we recommend softening a thin bamboo brush by placing it in warm water before each use.

Source: Paper&Tea

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