Rasta pasta - colors and flavors from the Caribbean

Rasta Pastathis is a unique blend of spices with a warm and complex base, as well as added notes of lemon thyme, garlic and red pepper. To create this blend of spices, Mill and Mortar are inspired by the colors and flavors of the Caribbean sea, thereby raising pasta dishes to new heights that are a treat for both small and large. With a mixture Rasta Pasta you add a lot of flavor to any pasta dish.

Recipe: Rasta Pasta (for 4 people)

This simple dish can be prepared with countless vegetables, it can be part of another dish or be a main course, and it can also be combined with light meat, fish, or bread. And this is always great!

Necessary products

500 g of pasta
300 g of mixed vegetables in red, yellow and green Rastas-for example, pepper, zucchini, onion
1 tsp Rasta Pasta mix
2 tsp neutral flavor oil
Salt, pepper, vinegar, sugar
1 handful of fresh spices-such as parsley, coriander, or whatever you have on hand.

Method of preparation

Boil the pasta. Simmer the mixture Rasta Pasta and vegetables in vegetable oil in a preheated frying pan, then add the cooked pasta. To taste, add salt, pepper, vinegar and a little sugar. Add the freshly cut spices. Throw in your Bob Marley and enjoy your meal.


Dish Rasta Pasta it can also be served cold, like a macaroni salad, and you can also add a little liquid cream to make the dish creamy.

You can also try the mix Rasta Pasta as a grating agent for light meat or fish, or add it to sauces for great flavor.

Mixture Rasta Pasta goes well with coconut milk.

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