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Cold tea recipes


If you believe that hot tea doesn't cool off in the summer, then teapigs unravel that myth. Look at some great ideas that show that it is possible to create a huge variety of unique summer teapigs drinks.


Cold tea recipes

Cold tea

Teapigs'favorite summer drink is iced tea. Did you know that iced tea can taste a lot better than the well-known sweetened non-tea drinks? The Tapigs share their favorite recipe to create the perfect, aromatic real iced tea each time.

Follow the recipe to prepare a quantity of one litre of iced tea:

  • Place four bags of tea in a dish of 1-l
  • Fill 1/3 of vessel with hot water
  • Stop for five minutes
  • Bring cold water to 2/3 from vessel
  • Fill with ice
  • Add chopped, fresh fruit for extra flavor. Lemon, lime, red fruit and marabou combine extremely well with the traditional and fruity teapigs teas.

The teapigs advise you to leave the tea bags in the extract for more flavor and beauty, but if you wish you can remove them at any time.


Cold tea recipes

Concentrate recipe

  • Place ten tea bags in a single or larger container
  • Add 1 l hot water
  • Reserve for five minutes or more (preferably tea)
  • Remove tea bags
  • Store in the refrigerator, ready to prepare

Pour a portion of concentrate into a suitable glass. Fill with some cold water and add ice and fresh fruit for beauty. Recommended teas: Sweet root and mint, Super Fruit, Lemon and ginger, Darjeeling Earl Grey.


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