What is actual coffee?

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What is special coffee

If you are the one who orders coffee, says "just coffee", then this article is for you.
What's so special about urgent coffee? It's just coffee... you can't go all day without it, but you keep telling yourself it's just coffee. Fortunately, there are people who explore this plant and subsequently provide a completely new coffee dimension to our world. A dimension that has created a relentless, innovative and highly diverse industry that makes coffee lovers love it more and more.
The pursuit of excellence makes the coffee industry so exciting and exciting. As soon as you enjoy a good Cup of coffee, you are unlikely to want to drink a ready - made coffee from the bag, and you can even start traveling the world in search of perfection.
Of course, there are some characteristics that describe actual coffee and should be taken into account as soon as you get into the world of “third wave” (third wave) coffee. Perhaps the first thing that comes to mind when explaining to someone what they are drinking is the origin of coffee, that is, the state or region from which it comes. Therefore, it becomes clear that the microclimate in which coffee is grown is extremely important.
Then, let's break the myth that the taste of a drink depends only on the quality of the coffee, in fact there are many other factors to consider. Every step and every person involved in the entire process – from planting, through the method by which the grains themselves are processed and roasted, all the way through to making it from a Barista-is extremely important. You need to really appreciate the effort and love that goes into a Cup of coffee.


What is special coffee


Another thing that makes it easy to recognize emergency coffees is the points that have been set by its special coffee Association. Professionals there value the taste and quality of coffee as objectively as possible. In General, to call a coffee special, it must collect more than 80 points (out of 100).

And in defense of what we have said so far, we spoke with our friend and partner Yanis Talumis, who confirmed all of the above, emphasizing the importance of taste and aroma. Unlike commercial coffee, ecstasy coffee is packaged in smaller quantities and baked in small bakeries, and the grains are never ground, and the variety of varieties and flavors is much greater than that of mass-produced coffee.

A newcomer to the world of ecstasy coffee must first open up their worldview and understand that coffee should not have a bitter taste. Once you understand this, try new and new coffee, you will find new and new flavors. Take a look at the wheel of flavors found so far:


What is special coffee


In fact, these are all the flavors that professional coffee lovers have discovered when trying coffee from all over the world, baked in different ways and with different grains.

After all, perhaps the easiest way to explain the relevance of coffee only to those who enter its world is by analogy with wine. There are wines from different regions, different grape varieties, different production methods, sommeliers who taste and evaluate it, but what should not be forgotten is that urgent coffee can be compared to cooking. This is because if your coffee is not prepared with the necessary skills, even a bag of the best coffee in the world can easily be unsuccessful!


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